Get growing with winter vegetables this month!

There is nothing quite like growing your own salad greens & winter vegetables that you can pick at your leisure. Have you noticed how fresh & crisp home grown veg is? 

May is a quiet time in the garden, perfect for tilling the earth & sprinkling seeds of lettuce, sugar snap peas, broccoli & cabbage. While you are at it, a dash of colour will soon appear after sprinkling of calendula seeds too. Here at Vitality Bloom Nursery, we planted calendula seeds just a week ago and they are already sprouting from the soil. Shouldn't be too long before we see vibrant yellow flower buds opening like little bursts of sunshine. 

Getting back to the veggies, you don't need a lot of space or need to spend alot of money to be growing your own harvest. Growing in pots is ideal if you do not have a vegetable garden.

Did you know - The first two leaves that many vegetable seedling put forth are called cotyledons (seed leaves), which do not pattern themselves after the leaves of the mature plant. They mainly serve as “snack packs”—energy bars for the infant plant to consume so that it can put forth its own true leaves. The cotyledons, having served their purpose, will eventually die off.