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All Natural Eczema Cream

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Using the finest ingredients this cream is designed to bring relief from dry, itchy, red & sore skin. Proven to work on psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, dry skin, cracked heels and more.

With the combination on Pomegranate Seed Oil & Colloidal Silver, this product is antibacterial,  skin rejuvenating and easily absorbed into the body. To keep the skin moist and protected we have used beeswax which slightly coats the skin to promote the skin healing underneath. Colloidal silver is well known to encourage speedy recovery of the skin, whether it is from burns, cuts or broken skin from scratching. Silver has been used for centuries as a natural anti-bacterial product, which blocks bacteria from multiplying and prevents redness and infection on the skin. 

There are so many triggers that cause flare ups and the true causes of eczema are internal issues, which means it can be difficult to treat. This cream aims to bring minerals and vitamins to the skin in order for it to have the necessary ingredients to heal itself. If our bodies do not have the correct nutrition they cannot be expected to function optimally.

Suitable for children 18 months old & over.

Let nature help your skin, in the gentlest way possible. No nasty chemicals or preservatives.






Almond oil

Pomegranate seed oil